Unexpected and unanticipated risks can be found anytime, everywhere.
AIG and the ALL BLACKS are always one step ahead, helping protect us from harm.
#TackleTheRisk. This movie is an expression of AIG’s global know-how and insight,
helping prevent risks before they occur. This is the heart of ACTIVE CARE.

9 players from the All Blacks descend upon Shibuya, Tokyo. They run and weave through the streets of this urban jungle and tackle seemingly innocent passers-by. Jerome Kaino is seen tackling a young girl with all his might, pushing her to the ground. While other star All Blacks players can be seen tackling random bike couriers, business people and others. In the second half of the story, it is revealed that all of these seemingly innocent passers-by were actually exposing themselves to risk, and the All Blacks tackles helped them avoid those risks. Humorous, visually stunning, and surprising in equal measure, the sight of the All Blacks tackling people on the streets of Tokyo is a must see.

Filming took place on an ordinary weekday in November 2016. Little did the public expect to see the New Zealand All Blacks amongst them on the streets of Shibuya! Commuters couldn’t hide their surprise as they looked on with perplexed delight as the All Blacks wound their way through the station and alleyways of Shibuya. Needlessly to say, the event earned huge amounts of organic buzz online. Hearing the buzz, rugby fans made their way to Shibuya and were delighted to engage in friendly chit-chat with their heroes, the All Blacks. During breaks, rugby balls were tossed between the All Blacks and students passing by, and the day was unforgettable for all those who came to watch. Fans looked on as the All Blacks were being filmed, with cheers erupting when throws and tackles were made. The film mixed live action and special effects in some of the tackle scenes. Can you figure out what they are?