AIG is a member of the "Ikuboss Corporate Alliance”

AIG Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. is a member of the "Ikubosu Corporate Alliance," a network of companies established in order to cultivate managers who can promote better work life balance. Each company in the alliance actively promotes and encourages their management members to develop greater awareness around issues related to work life balance and to become an “ideal boss” (an Ikuboss) for a new era. The alliance also provides an opportunity for member companies to share insights and know-how through regular events and learning sessions.

As a member of the Ikuboss Corporate Alliance, AIG Japan is committed to creating better work life balance for each employee as we build a work environment in which the individual priorities for every employee are understood and considered. Whether our people are facing the need for flexibility around child care time, nursing care time, or other daily life challenges, we understand how important it is to prioritize work life balance for all.

The Ikuboss Corporate Alliance was established by the NPO Fathering Japan in 2014, and AIG joined in May 2015.