AIG's Role in the Community

AIG makes social contributions as a company all over the world, and places importance on bringing about better changes for everyone in local communities and and the workplace, as well as making a more positive impact on employees' lives.

Additionally, AIG strives to respond to local community issues and needs through a variety of sponsorships while cooperating with various partners.

In Japan as well, in addition to their main social role of providing insurance as a corporate Group, AIG Japan Holdings KK and the group companies such as AIG General Insurance Company, Ltd., have developed a variety of programs to contribute to society, linked to solving social problems and revitalizing local communities.

Also currently, based on the AIG Japan Group-wide business strategy concept "ACTIVE CARE," AIG is promoting efforts to more actively approach communities, by integrating and effectively using the experience and resources from existing social contribution activities and sponsorship activities that AIG Group has already been engaged in.