AIG supports employees in countries all over the world to actively participate in local volunteer activities. Also, AIG combines its strength from across the globe to develop programs to work on shared problems.

AIG Volunteer Month

At AIG every year April is Volunteer Month, and employees are urged to positively engage in volunteer activities.

2018 activities:

  • Beads of Courage Workshop
    A program that allows AIG Group employees make colorful bead bracelets as gifts for children fighting illnesses to mentally support them as they face significant challenges or undergo long-term treatment.
  • Farming volunteers at Tokyo Terra Farm
    At Tokyo Terra Farm run by Hinode Volunteer Center, an NPO aiming to allow people with disabilities to work on a farm, AIG Group employees and family members assist with activities difficult for people with disabilities
  • Volunteer activities at "Kibounoie" Child Care Facility.
    At Child Care Facility "Kibounoie," AIG Group employees work together with the children to plant a home garden.

Family Road Safety

AIG develops activities to reduce traffic accidents especially in Asian countries. In Japan, AIG holds road safety awareness events for parents and children. Through the driving experiences, children learn about road rules from the perspective of drivers, nearby risks, and awareness of daily road safety.