Effective September 28, 2017

“Customer-Oriented Business Conduct Policy”

AIG Japan group embraces the vision of being our clients’ most valued insurer.

In order to deliver on this vision and be an even more customer-oriented insurance group, AIG Japan Holdings KK (hereinafter referred to as “we”) has established and is publicly disclosing the following Policies for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct. These policies will be periodically reviewed and any subsequent changes or additions, along with updates on the status of their implementation in our organization, will also be publicly disclosed.

Our aim is to be our customers’ choice as a valued partner. Based on our ACTIVE CARE approach, coupled with our global network and experience, we are unrelentingly focused on the best interests of our customers to drive value for them.

ACTIVE CARE is AIG Japan group’s unique and unified business strategy concept.

ACTIVE CARE is centered on 3 key elements:

  1. A simple and easy to understand approach from the customer’s perspective
  2. Proactive support not only during emergencies, but also with risk identification and prevention.
  3. Leading technologies and globally accumulated know-how, combined with our deep knowledge of the Japanese market means continuous innovation.

1. Business Conduct based on the Voice of our Customers

We respond to our customers’ needs and requests quickly and appropriately and with the utmost integrity by incorporating the voice of our customers as we enhance the quality of our operations and further refine our conduct.

2. Offering Products and Services that Best Meet Customer Needs

Based on our accumulated global customer insights and network, we will endeavor to identify customer’s needs in advance as part of our delivery of our ACTIVE CARE approach and offer products and services that meet our customers’ needs in a timely manner.

3. Appropriate Disclosure in Insurance Solicitation

As a part of ACTIVE CARE approach, we provide easy-to-understand information essential to each customer when making decisions on insurance purchases. We take into consideration each customer’s knowledge of financial products and services, the customer’s experience with such products, and the purpose of the insurance purchase. This enables customers to choose the products that best match their needs and wishes.
In addition, we respond to the customer’s inquiries in a timely and appropriate fashion about the contents of our insurance contracts and the procedures required to change them.

4. Speedy and Appropriate Claim Settlement

Our aim is efficient, and fair claim settlement based on our expertise and our cutting-edge technology as part of our ACTIVE CARE approach.
To achieve this, we provide services based on our global experience and network and continue to develop our operational framework in all relevant functions, including claim settlement procedures, human resources and IT systems.

5. Appropriate Management of Conflicts of Interest

We do our utmost to appropriately identify and manage any potential conflicts of interest in order to ensure at all times that the interests of our customers are not affected by any potentially conflicting transactions.

6. Fostering a Culture of Customer-Oriented Business Conduct

With the aim of being our customers’ most valued insurer, we will continue to implement initiatives across the organization that further embed and foster a customer-oriented mindset shared by all our people, including corporate officers, employees, insurance agents and our other distribution partners.